About Stutts & Williams, LLC

Founded by Brad Stutts and Joey Williams, the company that bears their names grew out of a simple belief. The two men brought with them a conviction that a successful company is built on more than financial strength. 

Their belief in people, and on the proper way to treat those people, extends equally to their employees and to their clients. It has paid off in terms of growth, stability, satisfied customers and loyal employees.

A Culture of Excellence

With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Stutts and Williams were convinced that understanding client expectations and striving to always exceed those expectations would pay dividends. They reasoned that they would want to be treated with respect and they resolved to treat both their clients and their staff with respect. They knew that relationships thrive in an atmosphere of trust, and so they established trust as a cornerstone of their business philosophy. They realized that there is no way to fake knowledge or function without experience, so they made a commitment to find a niche and to continually develop their expertise.

Every decision was spot on. The company has thrived in the three years since its founding in 2015, growing from a firm with a single employee to one with 20 people on staff and a fleet of company-owned vehicles and machines.

The field of expertise that Stutts and Williams currently occupies is the realm of large-scale infrastructure, ranging from underground utility installations to comprehensive site work and development.

Building for a Bright Future

The company is considered an authority on water and sewer main installation, but they also trench and install other utilities for both public and private clients. The company is equipped to offer turnkey site development contracts to commercial general contractors, or to bid portions of the preliminary work as needed. Stutts and Williams also has the flexibility to offer both asphalt and concrete paving, landscaping and other site work specialties.

The two company owners enjoy every aspect of the business, noting that they always had faith in their capabilities and their previous experience. In addition, they demonstrate a willingness to learn and work hard to develop new knowledge.

They hold to their initial formula, and look forward to a bright future serving other business owners, contractors, developers and governments in Columbia, South Carolina.