Safety in Construction

It takes more than luck to build a successful company. It even takes more than hard work -- just ask any business owner.

Staying power in the business world requires a commitment to the customer, as well as to the bottom line. That's what Brad Stutts and Joey Williams brought to the company they founded in April 2015. The company now employs more than 20 people, but the guiding principles of knowledge, service, safety and cost-effective management are still in effect.

Knowledge and Expertise

In just a short time, Stutts & Williams has become a leader in the heavy construction field, with the ability to bid, bond and complete projects valued at upwards of $10 million. The company's expertise lies in the area of water, sewer and utility line installation and comprehensive site development in addition to underground infrastructure work.

The two founders, who remain active in the growing business, note that they established the company with the goal of treating both customers and employees with respect and demonstrating trustworthiness above all. In short, they apply the Golden Rule to every aspect of the business. 

Safety as a Priority

Construction safety is always a concern. In addition to strict guidelines for operating large equipment, governmental regulations and compliance with zoning requirements and building codes, the company assures that all employees are properly trained and equipped and follow prescribed safety practices at all times. Stutts & Williams takes that responsibility seriously.

The company's founders view it as a personal responsibility to maintain a safe and well-ordered job site. They require adherence to all local and national mandates to ensure that employees, customers and the public are free from danger. The company also carries adequate insurance to protect against possible loss, damage or injury.

There is no compromising on that promise.

Timely and Cost-Effective Contract Completion

There is also no substitute for performance. Stutts & Williams strives to exceed expectations in every way, no matter how large or small the job may be. That's a part of the value proposition that the two founders present to every client. 

It is the anchor of the business. It is also a good reason to consider Stutts & Williams for site development and infrastructure work. Knowledge, service, safety and cost-efficiency are non-negotiable!