Site Development

Successful projects begin with efficient and effective site work. It is an exciting time when equipment is mobilized to begin reshaping the project site. In many ways, the most vital phase of a construction project is the initial site development.

Laying the Groundwork

Experienced large-equipment operators may make it look easy, but it takes a lot of skill to move and shape the earth. From initial clearing and rough grading, excavating for storm drains and utility lines, through final grading and backfill, the work is exacting and must be precise. It's no simple task to choreograph the placements or to make the machinery perform.

Site development companies must possess not only the experience to read plans and understand the scope of each project, but also must have the expertise to bid and perform the work properly, and to complete it on time and within budget. When initial site work is professional and well done, chances are good that the benefits will accrue not only to the general contractor, but also to the succession of trades that follow, and to the owner.

The truth is that the entire project will be better.

Land Clearing

From tree removal and grubbing through rough grading, our trained equipment operators will prepare your site for whatever project you envision.


No matter what the specific needs, from a small level building pad to a major development that includes mass grading, Stutts & Williams has the equipment as well as the expertise to meet your needs.

Storm Drainage

As an experienced site work contractor we understand the need to control runoff during the grading process as well as during succeeding construction.

Water & Sewer Utilities

Whether in the street, or on private property, Stutts & Williams can handle all required excavation to include trench shoring, as needed, for deeper installations.

Asphalt Paving & Concrete

We have the right equipment and proven expertise to handle your paving and concrete needs.


We can provide these services as the final step in site development.

Our employees are thoroughly trained and familiar with the company-owned equipment they operate. We can bid specific phases of work or offer turnkey site packages for developers and general contractors. We are adept at developing realistic timelines, detailed specifications, code-compliance and "no call-back" performance.

Assuring Satisfaction

Founded by Brad Stutts and Joey Williams, the company subscribes to the simple idea of doing what it says it will do. We base our business on mutual respect, and we never stray from that standard. Performance, trust and customer satisfaction are all important!

We are proud of our work, and we love to show it off. Why not contact us to discuss your future development needs?